Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Isle of Capri, Italy

Two years ago I had the good fortune of being on an Italian tour that went down the Amalfi Coast. Home base was the beautiful city of Sorrento.  From there our group travelled to several wonderful places including Capri.  We got to Capri after a 40 minute ferry ride.  There are ferry and hydrofoil services from Naples, Amalfi and Positano too.

It was a beautiful sunny day to visit a spot that has been a resort getaway since Roman Emperor Augustus had a villa built at the top of a hill.  When you arrive at the Grand Marina, there is a lot of hustle and bustle at port level but it is obvious, you need to go up.  Taxis, if you got the money, is the most convenient.  Most popular would be the funicular for a small charge.  If you are fit, there are a couple of paths up lengths of stairs that will get you to the top.  I suggest the funicular up and try the stairs down.  Signs say 10 minutes to port but it took us 30 minutes.  Parts were steeper that what we were use to.

Once at the top, the town of Capri is an elegant setting of cafes and shops.  Do walk to the ruins of Augustus' villa.  It is in a lovely park setting and there are wonderful views of the southside of the island where many yachts are moored.  It was a hot day and I needed a cold drink.  There was a vendor just a we approached the  park.  Best Lemon Slushy Ever!

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