Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tai Chi 

About two years ago the Reh-Fit Centre in Winnipeg starting offering Tai Chi and QiGong classes.  I had heard of them and was curious enough to try them out.  Both classes were excellent.  The QiGong I only needed to take once and then practice, practice, practice.  Our teacher, Peter Yeung, gave all his students a workbook as back-up.

Tai Chi was more complicated.  I took the class twice and still had a lot of practicing to work on.  Peter taught us a beginners 8-Form Tai Chi.  Movements needed to be very exact to get the full benefit of Tai Chi.  If you are looking at it as a good physical fitness practice, Tai Chi works on your co-ordination, hips and legs.  If you become very proficient at it, there are longer forms to learn.

Unfortunately I was taking too many practices at once and had to give up the Tai Chi for now but it is my intent to return to it one day.  Fortunately Peter had made a great YouTube video as a teaching tool.   It was filmed in front of the big mirror in Studio A at Reh-Fit.

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