Monday, 16 July 2012

Cow-face Pose (Gomukhasana)

So, you sit hunched over a desk clicking away and its keyboard.  When you
are cold, you hunch your shoulders up, for some of us that’s for several
months through a hard winter.  On top of that, there are those annoying
little pulls from lifting something too heavy or over stretching while
reaching up to a top shelf.  Stiff sore shoulders are incredibly common in
western cultures.

Cow-face (cow-head) pose will help open up the should joints and stretch the
muscles across the chest.  For some, it is and easy pose but for most, like
myself, it is a long process to achieve.  I can now touch my finger tips on one
side (right arm up, left arm down) but it took four years to get there.  You will
need a belt.  I use a cotton belt like those used in yoga studios.  Other props
I’ve used are luggage straps and jump ropes.  Whatever you use, it should not

Place belt over your right shoulder.  Raise your right arm and gently pull it
back just passed your ear (if you can).  Bend your elbow so your hand
touches somewhere between the bottom of your neck and between the top
of your shoulder blades. Your left arm is down. Stretch it back a bit, bend
the elbow and have your left hand go up the back aiming for your right hand.
If your hands to not clasp, grasp the belt and wiggle your fingers to try to get
your hands closer.  Gently pull on the belt and hold pose for 30 seconds.
Release grasp and shake your arms to relax.  Drape belt over left should and
repeat steps of pose with left arm up and right arm down.

Repeat pose cycle one or twice more.

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