Monday, 26 November 2012

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Supported Bridge Pose

This is a back bend that you learn in stages.  First thing to try is
simply lie on your back, bend knees so feet are flat on the floor.
Gently lift your hips up and hold.  Repeat this enough times until
until you are feeling strong.  Start placing foam blocks under your
hips to rest on.  It might be 1, 2, or 3  blocks.  When you can get 
to 4 foam blocks, try using a wood block eventually getting it under
you in an upright position.  Then you can start working on extending
your leg.  Do not rush.  this can be a very challenging pose.  Below
is another one of Geeta's great teaching videos.


  1. Hi, I'm in a yoga teacher training program at a local community college. The program teaches Iyengar yoga, tho not Iyengar certification. The teachers are all going thru the various Iyengar teacher certification levels. I was just googling this pose for a homework assignment. We did a variation of this with hands extended straight, up on all fours, then extending legs out which we just did in class. We also did it using a chair. So great to find your blog. The intention for my blog and website I'm creating is also somewhat oriented to food, yoga, and more. Great to 'suddenly' or 'randomly' connect with others doing the same. ~Tracy ( or

    1. BTW, so great that you are focusing on reinventing yourself. It's never too late. I'm early 50's, and feel like I've never finished inventing myself from the first go around! LOL! ~Tracy