Monday, 10 September 2012

Wide Angle Pose (Upavista Konasana)

You may want to sit on some height or do this pose against a wall depending 
how open your joints and hamstrings are.  Sit on the floor with legs apart and 
toes pointed up. Your hands are behind you.  Your pelvis should be upright.  
Gently press your legs into the ground and remember to breathe.  
Hold 30 seconds and repeat a couple more times.

You can do a forward bend also from this pose.  Hinge from the hips and bend 
forward keeping back straight.  If you can get to your toes with your back still 
straight,  grab on. If not, use two yoga belts or towels looped around your feet.  
Gently pull to activate muscles.  Avoid the temptation to cheat by curving 
your back.  The bend comes from the leg/pelvis sockets.  A lot of people are 
tight there so be patient. 

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