Saturday, 28 April 2012

The “Diet” in Diet and Exercise

We all know to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to have the proper diet and exercise. The exercise part was easy for me starting with Iyengar Yoga.  I have since chosen some additional activities I wanted to do and committed to them.  The diet part was much harder.  I have battled with my weight all my life and have tried just about everything within reason.  Nothing ever had long term results.  I was one of those people that would buy any magazine that had a feature story on the latest diet where people claimed their  “weight just started falling off”.  Who were these people?  Well, one day I read an article on a low carb diet developed by a doctor in France.  It was all the rage in Europe.  I knew I was sensitive to carbs bigtime so I thought I would give this one a try. It worked so I got the book as soon as it was available on Amazon.   This was the Dukan Diet.  I found it super easy to stay on and the longer I was on it, the less I craved sugar and starch.  My excess weight has been steadily dropping off for nearly a year now.  Low carb diets are not for everyone.  Usually good for those of us prone to putting our fat on our bellies.   I truly believe there is no one meal plan that fits everybody.  I had to try several before I found the right fit.  Whatever options you look at, just make sure you get a healthy mix of foods that will give your body what it needs.

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